So roars video on the 6.4 V8 in the Dodge Challenger that we have tested: turn up the volume!

just a day Ago that has been taken. The Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker that we have tested has left a profound mark on me. It is a type of car that we cannot enjoy in our country, a true muscle car five feet long. Politically incorrect, absolutely efficient and with an arrogant aspirated V8 of 6.4 liter under a very long hood. A car full of sensations, whose distinctive fingerprint is their overwhelming sound. And nothing sounds better than a good V8 american high front roaring to the top of our lungs.

The 6.4 V8 HEMI Dodge Challenger Scat Pack develops 492 HP and 644 Nm of torque. You do not need supercharging.

This V8 is a HEMI 6.4-liter, only two valves per cylinder. Nothing direct injection, no supercharging. does 100 HP per liter? Do high-rate of twist? For nothing: develops 492 horsepower at 5.900 rpm, with a specific power 76.9 HP per liter. It is not a propeller tight, but thanks to its huge displacement, has a maximum torque of 644 Nm at only 4,200 rpm. The engine is of the old school, more turn a high regime, we like to make heads turn. If you listen to it, not what you can avoid.

See as cold booting:

exhaust Dodge Challenger Scat Pack has valves that increase their sound power from a certain regime. You do not need the car’s speakers transmit the sound of it, that is for engines without character. Who needs frills electronic having almost 6,5 litres of cubicaje in her womb? Has a sound throaty at low speed, which is transmitted in a heavy gurgling medium regime and a machine gun mechanics from 5,000 rpm. It really is complicated to express with words.

For this reason, I would urge you to view the video that we have posted on Facebook, content after these lines:

do you Want more? In the next few days we will be posting more pearls of this muscle car, a cut sleeve to the downsizing and efficiency. Blessed crazy yankee.

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