So sounds like the SEAT Ateca Cupra on its way through Nürburgring

SEAT Ateca Cupra - foto espía

Photo spy of the SEAT Ateca Cupra passing by on the Nürburgring.

Our photographers spy got to give with the much coveted SEAT Ateca Cupra. A group of engineers of the Spanish brand are to be found these days on the Nürburgring conducting a series of tests with a unit that mounts a petrol engine of 300 horse power. It is undeniable that sooner or later we will see in the range of the SEAT Ateca this variant of sporting character and air radicals.

Initially when they came to our drafting the spy photos of the SEAT Ateca Cupra we arose so many doubts because, a priori, the only difference that showed with respect to a basic version of the SUV Spanish was a group of exhaust outlets additional (and positioned in the wrong way). There was not apparent changes that allow us to intuit that we are looking at a version more prestacional.

Items such as brakes of higher performance, larger tires or a suspension lowered were not present in the photographed unit. Therefore, it is hereby confirmed that SEAT has gone to the German track to test the engine that will spur the Ateca Cupra. Once we have confirmed that the model hunted is the long-awaited variant Cupra, we can now go a step further and see it in motion.

spy Video of the SEAT Ateca Cupra on the Nürburgring.

in Addition to the spy photos, we can show you the future SEAT Ateca Cupra video. If we raise a little bit the sound of our speakers or headphones so we can hear clearly the sound of the DSG dual-clutch. Under your hood there is a gasoline engine 2.0-liter with 300 HP (221 kW) that, as we say, will be associated to an automatic transmission.

Taking into account that this variant already seen in the full light of day (though always with a touch of that SEAT puts their prototypes and/or mule-tests), we will be vigilant to try to photograph it again. In what reaches the market, the most powerful option by which we can choose is the Ateca with engine 2.0 TDI of 190 HP, all-wheel drive 4Drive and DSG-7.

By the way, another detail to take into account this spy video is that, next to the SEAT Ateca Cupra, we can also see a prototype of the Skoda Karoq. Recently, Skoda has confirmed that the “cousin brother” of the Ateca will receive that name. They will share a platform, components and other elements.