So terrifying are the crash test with 0 stars GlobalNCAP

In emerging countries it is common, and legal, the marketing of vehicles economic whose allocation of safety is not reached or the minimum that is required in Europe or the US. These models are sold in emerging markets such as India where the vehicles do not even have the duty to install an airbag for the driver, let’s not talk for the rest of the passengers, and even there is a serious lack of reinforcement in their structures or components which absorb the violence of the impact. These are models of zero-star safety according to GlobalNCAP.

Here there is no safety cell that protects the passengers of the vehicle this becomes in an accordion involving their occupants, in this case the sympathetic crash dummies. Luckily if you have seat belts although as you can see is of little use in accidents more complicated as demonstrated by the results of these tests.

typically the pillar To yield with ease and the face of the driver impacts against the steering wheel and/or dashboard. So catastrophic is the issue that the child restraint systems obtained better scores than the adults although they do not think too much, one or two stars.

This is a serious issue that little by little they are becoming aware of both the manufacturers of vehicles as the countries themselves. Some model like the Renault KWID has quickly become a best seller for these markets despite the extremely poor score in safety from the version that is sold there. This, of course, does not mean that it is a good buy.

few months Ago GM announced its decision to withdraw its models zero-star safety that are sold to Latin america before the end of the decade due to criticism and pressure from law enforcement agencies to test the security of the vehicles.

In those countries the prices of the vehicles are considerably more economical even if it is the same model that is sold in Europe. But this reduction of price is achieved by subtracting equipment especially in terms of security to achieve that reach the largest number of buyers possible.

The final decision to purchase lies with the customer but in most of the cases in which buying a vehicle with this score gap is due to the lack of information and/or resources to acquire a better model. Some of the countries involved have intentions of tightening of the legislation in the short term so that it is not possible to sell these coffins on wheels.