So the facelift Hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai-Santa-Fe-2016-FL-3 E l Hyundai Santa Fe received a very slight update subtly modifies its front and mainly focused on some improvements in the safety equipment and comfort. This is the third generation SUV Segment D , released in 2013, which is renewed face to face the last stage in its commercial life before the arrival of their generational.

Aesthetically the main changes are related to some more stylized headlights, a new format of your grill and its bumpers, as well as a new location for LED daytime running lights . Other small details include the rear lights of the new format, in turn incorporating LED technology, new alloy wheels and palette updated to paint your body.

In the interior changes are related to an improvement in the perception of quality, based on materials renewed and some new details and moldings.


The Hyundai Santa Fe is renewed with improved equipment.

also has several improvements in equipment, such as adaptive cruise control speed, automatic braking assistant, collision warning system, warning system objects in blind new generation vision system 360 four cameras interior rearview mirror system called Hi-Pass allowing tolls and improved information system and entertainment.

But the main novelty in its safety equipment associated with an autonomous system that is capable of stopping the vehicle ensures as if it detects that the driver does not respond to commands, for example if It falls asleep or is affected by a health problem. When the system into action low vehicle speed while keeping it between the lines of the lane. When fully stopped, warns the other vehicles driving emergency lights while effecting a call for support services.

Under the hood is articulated range based on diesel blocks that have been updated to improve its energy efficiency. There is a block 2.0-liter with 186 horsepower and [1.99901 million] 2.2-liter with 202 horsepower , which can be combined with a manual transmission or an automatic in both cases six relations, front- or all-wheel drive.

For the moment only was released in South Korea , although more will arrive soon to [1.99901 million] Europe models and other international markets.



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