So the system works on detection of kangaroos Volvo (with video)

Volvo sistema detección cangurosVolvo is one of the companies most involved in the study of highway safety. For the Swedish brand this section is paramount that their models are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology in this area of which we speak. A few days ago I told that the firm was working on a detection system of kangaroos in the country australian with the purpose to reduce the high rate of accidents with these animals involved. Now I invite you to see a video which explains this innovative system.

Never be another manufacturer had developed a system of similar characteristics. Its application is similar to that of the rest of the systems of detection of obstacles that we currently see in which the vehicle employs the brakes automatically to avoid a collision or, if not possible, reduce the consequences of the loss. Although in this case we find several difficulties that make this project an ambitious challenge.

One of the major problems of these accidents that involved kangaroos is that they usually happen on roads where you are driving to high speeds. As you know, the systems of the braking, automatic are oriented to a greater extent to the city, where speeds are lower. Also these animals are really very fast and it is difficult to predict their movements.

Here you have two videos where you can see the progress of this system.



Source – Volvo

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