So the system works security Emergency Assist from Volkswagen Arteon

Sistema de seguridad Emergency Assist del Volkswagen Arteon

Have spent a couple of months since the holding of the Geneva motor show, the most important event of the automotive industry in terms of new developments, technologies and future products are concerned. In Geneva we met the successor to the Volkswagen CC, the Volkswagen Arteon. It is a new sedan with the silhouette of a coupe, despite its five doors which is in a top step to the Passat.

beyond the technique or the finishes of this new model, we must highlight its active safety. The Volkswagen Arteon account with the security system “Emergency Assist”, which we cite in his day. Such a system significantly increases the security of the vehicle, its occupants and other road users. Of this, as I had informed at the time of its presentation, but now we know all the details on the “Emergency Assist”.

Volkswagen Arteon

does Not sound so bizarre that a person suffers a faintness, a heart attack, a seizure or any other sudden inability and without notice to you even if it has not happened, for example, after a blow to the head or a fall. In fact, it is something that happens to thousands of people daily in the world, howwhy it can’t happen us while we drive? The outcome, as you can imagine, it would be an accident.

The safety system activates Emergency Assist that equips the Volkswagen Arteon would prevent, in case of something like your driver, the vehicle ended up crashing against another vehicle, a wall, a lamppost or even overwhelming to pedestrians. It may seem that we put ourselves in the worse but the scene of a vehicle without anyone at the controls… can’t finish anything well.

The Volkswagen Arteon incorporates a series of sensors that detect if the driver is not reacting. As with other warning systems, as is the case with Tesla and its Autopilot, or attendees of maintenance of lane that already incorporate many conventional vehicles on the market, if the driver does not act, it emits a series of alerts. First a warning sound and bright; if the driver does not react to these early alerts will be some short braking to call his attention (for if it were a ball).

Volkswagen Arteon

In the case that at that point follow no to take control, Emergency Assist, active a process emergency stop. The vehicle activated the emergency lights and will go down, braking and pulling away to one end of the road, the shoulder of the road, where stop alone. All of this by taking as starting point the data of other active safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, the Lane Assist or Side Assist. Using ultrasound do a check of the vehicles or obstacles that may be around the Arteon. The last part of the process is the complete arrest of the same.

As we see, technology is providing us with life and, even, salvándonosla. A lot of us complain at times so artificial and unpleasant that are the cars of today, but this series of advances will make us understand that not everything is bad, that truth is worth the effort.