So we test the new Mercedes E-Class

When the car manufacturers spend the amounts of money that are spent on the development of the cars, is because they want to make sure the result. The new E-Class has needed the work of 1.200 engineers for 48 months, and is fairly short.

needed 1.200 prototypes, each one has gone for a minimum of tens of thousands of euros. In any occasion, our photographers spy have been crossed with them. Not in vain have come to a total of 12 million miles on four continents, that is to say, 10,000 kilometers by car.

have been employed 3,500 square metres of camouflage for coating, and have faced extreme weather conditions, from -32 ºC to 60 ºC. Autonomous systems have been tested at base of well, 10,000 tests of braking and 5,000 lane changes in driving semi-autonomous.

shortly we will know much more…