So will saving BMW the backs of their future electric cars

BMW Vision Next 100

With reason centenary of the birth of BMW, last year, to 2016, the German manufacturer was showing us how he saw the future of mobility in the long term presenting a prototypes totally futuristic and risky for BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and even on the bikes of BMW Motorrad. Spectacular designs are difficult to imagine and some technical solutions are very avant-garde. The case is that the near future also passes through the electrification and BMW starts to “cover their backs” by what could happen.

chief executive of BMW, Harald Krueger, has declared during the annual shareholders ‘ assembly that will launch a new crossover BMW X2 and the large SUV flagship BMW X7 propulsion systems electrified. In addition, they have “the intention of launching more than 40 new models and updated of the three premium brands of the group during 2017 and 2018” to allow finance best strategy of electrification long term.

The BMW 5-Series has been the first release of this 2017 by the manufacturer teutonic, but there are still many more. BMW i3 and BMW i8 were the first to receive electric power systems for its propulsion, the first of them all-electric and the second is a sporty hybrid, but don’t want to stay there and his goal is to zoom in on the hybrid drive and electric ranges more conventional and accessible to the customers.

A strategy of electrification successful you must be able to cope with a range of outcomes, including scenarios optimistic or more cautious. If we do, we will be able to reconcile the sustainable mobility sustainable returns,” said the chief financial officer of BMW, Nicolas Peter. This means that you have doubts on the economic performance that can extract of their vehicles electrified, and it is difficult, today, to really know if the market will completely change the chip and be decanted for electric cars, or if “we have” fear of these new mobility solutions.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

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