So will the family Renault Talisman?

Goodbye Renault Laguna hello to Renault Talisman . The French firm has a new sedan in the D segment, a new alternative to Volkswagen Passat at 508 , but in addition to this sedan will be followed by wagon version to know that soon, very soon.

this recreation that has made X-Tomi will look like? We will still wait until September to find out because during the presentation of the Renault Talisman they confirmed and from the brand that this alternative will be available in The Frankfurt .

Of course having already present carrying capacity of the saloon, with 608 liters , we can expect an exemplary load capacity in the segment. For example, as a reference, the Volkswagen Passat Variant has a capacity of 650 liters while the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, another alternative to the familiar Talisman has a capacity of 540 liters.

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