So would today’s racing cars more famous

Audi TT Rally render

Recreation of the Audi TT

We have to go back to the decade of the 80’s to be reminded of what for many was the golden age of the rally. A lot of the blame had the cars of the Group B. In the year 1982, the FISA created this category which has been recorded in the retinas of many fans for being one of the most spectacular in competition ever seen.

Vehicles great power (with over 500 HP in its last year), very light (even below the ton of weight) and new developments in the technical section as the wheel drive or turbocharging. With these features the fun was served, only spent a thing for high: security. After several incidents, some of which even ended up in tragedy, in 1986 he decides to put an end to the Group B.

Renault Alpine Rally render

re-creation of the Renault Alpine

Is more than clear that today, it is impossible we see something similar to what it was the Group B or other competitions of the time. Now the rules FIA is a lot more strict, and corrected many errors in the past on security issues, leaving a little aside the show. But we can always imagine, whathow would have been some of the racing cars more famous today?

let’s Start with the vehicle that leads to this news: Audi TT. This recreation rolling on snow can only remember the Audi Quattro, one of the vehicles most successful of the 80’s driven by riders mythical as Stig Blomqvist, Hanu Mikkola, or Walter Rorhl. Further back in time we have to go to see the Renault Alpine, with a unique concept and reaping victories in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1971 and 1973. The current prototype there is nothing wrong the costume competition.

Porsche 911 Rally render

Recreation of the Porsche 911

Porsche 911 today we can view it as a sports gentrified, however it also has its history in the competition. So much that even the iconic Porsche 959 went on to win the Paris-Dakar Rally of 1986. Another that we do not imagine the earth is the Rolls Royce Wraith. However, the luxury british brand also had a car competing in the Dakar in 1981, the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow sponsored by the fragrance, Jules by Dior. Well, what Rolls-Royce is relative, since it was a chassis of Toyota FJ45 with some elements of Rolls-Royce and V8 engine of 5.7 litres of origin Chevrolet.

Alfa Romeo Guilia is a completely new model. We probably don’t have namesake in the past for this vehicle, but with the decoration of Martini is inevitable not remember the Lancia Delta Integrale that so many passions rose. And speaking of the Italian brand we are the Lancia Delta current recreated for competition. This brand has had great successes over the years thanks to mythic patterns like the Fulvia, the Stratos, the 037 or Delta S4.

Lancia Delta Rally render

Recreation Lancia Delta

Continue with the Fiat 500, the small suv also saw a rally inspired by the Fiat 124 and Abarth 131 of yesteryear. Currently still linked to the competition thanks to Abarth. The Mercedes S Class it is the flagship of the German brand and in this case is fixed to the Mercedes 300SEL 1971, dubbed affectionately as ‘Red Pig’ that managed to stay in second position at the 24 hours of Spa.

Ford Mustang we’ve always seen as a ‘muscle car’ purely american. However, there are references to it in competition with the RS200, belonging to the Group B in the 80’s. To finish we will talk about a SUV as it is the Volkswagen Tiguan, that’s going to take a picture that reminds us of the Volkswagen Touareg that won the victory in the Dakar in the editions of 2009 and 2010. Check out all the pictures of these weird recreations in the gallery.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Rally render
Audi TT Rally render
Fiat 500 Rally render
Ford Mustang Rally render
Lancia Delta Rally render
Mercedes Clase S Rally render
Porsche 911 Rally render
Renault Alpine Rally render
Rolls Royce Wraith Rally render
Volkswagen Touran Rally render