So you lived through the concentration of national 2016 the AudiSport-Ibérica Club at the circuit of Albacete

Concentración 2016 AudiSport-Ibérica Club en Albacete

The weekend of 26 and 27 of November 2016 the AudiSport-Ibérica Club celebrated its XIII concentration at the national level. This event was held in the town of la mancha of Albacete and there they met members of almost all autonomous communities, with an attendance of almost 100 participants and a total of 75 cars of the German mark; many of them arrived even on Friday afternoon for the long distance that separated them from Albacete.

the highlight of The event began at 10 Saturday morning at the speed circuit of Albacete. After submitting the event, and attend to the instructions in a safety briefing, all attendees were placed on the straight of the circuit with their cars for the typical family photo, which we see in the header. Minutes after he started the real action on the track manchego.

The event was loaded for interesting activities and entertainments as the laps copilotadas in the Audi RS5 and Audi RS3 assigned by Audi Spain for the occasion, which was piloted by our colleagues of 8,000 turns, tests regularly on the track, an advanced course of driving done by Audi Driving Experience with braking emergency, a circuit buzzard type Mickey Mouse, driving simulators, sale of products of some partner companies and the support of Michelin in assembly and testing of tires.

Nothing less than 8-hour-long experience on the circuit for the hundred of attendees, returning to the 18 hours to the hotel where they were staying. The next morning marked the start of a tour of the center of the city of Albacete that ended at the fairgrounds, where they were presented all the vehicles. Afterwards, the attendees ate at a nearby restaurant and gave an end to the XIII national concentration of the AudiSport-Iberica Club. They say from the club that you are already looking forward to the concentration of the next year, and it is events of this kind with so many activities you can enjoy as if children are involved.

Source – AudiSport-Ibérica Club