Solar panels on the roof for the Toyota Prius plug-in

Toyota Prius paneles solaresThe new generation Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, the hybrid version plug-in, you receive in Japan and Europe solar panels for the sun roof. These plates pv will be able to take advantage of the sunlight to generate electrical energy and improve, even more, if possible, the efficiency of the Toyota Prius plig-in hybrid. The best can be up to 10%.

solar panels do not only serve to recharge the battery, but that they will also be to provide the necessary energy to auxiliary systems as the lights, air conditioning or power windows while the vehicle is circulating, leaving the batteries to charge only to propel the vehicle. This will optimize the autonomy in electric mode of the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.

Toyota Prius Prime híbrido enchufableInitially this technology will only be offered in Japan and Europe, since the glass of the roof would not be able to pass successfully the crash-test americans, where a rollover test. Toyota has not yet come up with a solution to provide the laminated glass in the solar panels, although it works for a solution to be able to add these solar panels to the Prius plug-in hybrids in the future will go to market in north America.

What has not yet been elucidated Toyota is if the roof of solar panels will form part of the standard equipment of this plug-in hybrid, or if on the contrary it will be an optional item. The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid will have a different look of the hybrid model conventional. Use an engine 1.8 petrol along with another electric, making 122 HP combined. The lithium-ion batteries of 8.8 kWh would allow a autonomy 100% electric about 50 miles in cycle NEDC.

Source – Automotive News

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