Sold for lack of use: this BMW Z8 “zero kilometer” looking for a new owner (James Bond has already been interested by him)

Lovers BMW, of Z, or of the sports of the end of the nineties, in general, here’s a real gem. In the mid-nineties, Chris Bangle and his team, among which he will have the great responsibility to own Henrik Fisker (creator, years later, the Fisker Karma) set out to design a convertible that would be called to retrieve the halo of the BMW 507. Words older. The result would be one of the roadsters more spectacular BMW in a long time, a beast which would produce something more than 5,000 units, which would be, without a doubt, a modern classic. That is why you find us with a unit of a BMW Z8 with only 550 miles (885 kilometers) is quite an event. And an opportunity that any collector will already be thinking of taking advantage.

With that mileage, we are close to a kilometer zero. V8 engine, 4.941 cm3, 400 HP and a manual change of six relations.

As you have seen, has a hardtop removable, a handy hard top that transforms this roadster into a coupé worthy of admiration, and very rare to see in these days on the street. Of course, it still has a retractable canvas roof original. To make matters worse, the BMW Z8 became a Bond car in the years of Pierce Brosnan.


This BMW Z8 is finished in Titanium silver, Silver, painting and all their equipment, obviously, is original.

To make matters worse, has all the manuals, the box that came with your documents, keys and controls replacement, and even a mobile phone BMW CPT 8000, a Motorola that in those years it was sold along with the car itself.

the presentation of The car is worthy of the time that it first came out of the dealership, in the year 2002. Not missing a sticker the original after the lever of the changes, recalling that his first technical service has to be carried out with 1,200 miles, the other on the dashboard, remembering the dangers of the airbag in under front passenger seat, and even a sticker of approval on the moon front.

to auction at the end of January, in Arizona, for a price which is expected to reach a figure between to 275,000 and $ 325,000 (between 250,000 and 300,000€). Figure that we are not surprised you can achieve, if we take into account that the past year subastaron some units, with a mileage very higher, near the $ 200,000.

Source: RM Sotheby’s | Images: Nick Zabrecky
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