Sold for lack of use: this Ferrari Testarossa (512 TR) of 1991, with only 296 miles, can be yours

I recognize it. The Ferrari Testarossa is one of the great icons of my childhood. His silhouette, his side torn, got that from little its image became associated in my mind to a Ferrari. He had everything to become one of the great representatives of a series of sporting twelve-cylinder, which with the natural evolution of the industry, and the technology, it has been perpetuated up to our days. Motor V12 central and, to make matters worse, only 300 kilometers on the marker of this Ferrari Testarossa. A unit that is very special, a genuine and kilometer zero, as if a time capsule is concerned, has arrived from 1991 to our days, as you see in these images.

Probably we are at the Testarossa more original, and with less miles, in the world.

This unit, in particular, is to auction in a few days in New York, at the event “Driven by Disruption”, where it is expected to reach a value between 400,000 and 500,000 dollars, that is to say, between 376,000 worth and 470,000 euros. There is nothing wrong if we take into account that it is believed that this is the Model with less kilometres on the face of the Earth.

In its various iterations, from the original 1984, the Testarossa would go on to become one of the most popular models of Ferrari. Not only by the volume of sales achieved, but also for its influence in popular culture. The Testarossa is the car of Miami Vice. The model in question auctioned would be, more specifically, a 512 TR, with engine V12 428-HP. Recall that the model originally known as the Testarossa (which in turn inherited the name from the sport of racing of the fifties), evolved in 1991 with the launch of the 512 TR.


What history hides a Testarossa that has only traveled 296 miles?

For almost 25 years so she would have only travelled 296 miles, all of them in the surrounding area of the building in which it has rested all this time.

According to RM Auctions and Sothebys, this Testarossa was purchased brand new in 1991 by a lady, and has remained in their hands until now. Apparently, the owner bought it – among other things – by the success that had the Testarossa with its appearance in Miami Vice. Although, initially, their goal was to use it often, after purchasing directly was parked in a garage, where it remained almost until our days. Sold for lack of use (sic).

According to the feature, these 296 miles would be traveled on horseback periodic (maintenance) around the building on which it rests, and some small routes at the time of its acquisition to show to family and friends. This jewel, to make matters worse, there has been abandoned for almost 25 years. During all this time remained in a distributor of sports, in charge of its maintenance, and periodic tasks, surprising in a car with a mileage as low, as the distribution, and the corresponding changes of oil.

Source: RM Auctions Sothebys
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