Sold his collection of more than 100 tractors classic because no one in his family shares his passion

A sad news for those of us who are fans to any machine with engine and wheels. Paul Rackham is a farmer of Norfolk – United Kingdom, this is the same area where you will find Lotus – that has decided to 79 years of age, sell your giant collection tractors of the time. More than 100 vehicles, agricultural and military from which you should release, because no one in his family shares his passion, and has become too old to keep them and care for them properly. It is a pity, but history also has a positive point.

Your family do not have the time or hobby to take care of a collection that would be a burden to them, instead of a joy.

Clarke and Simpson will be the company in charge of the auction, the collection of more than 100 tractors classic Rackham. Estimate that the farmer retired you will get about 2 million pounds for the collection to complete. While it seems like a large sum of money and what it is, they claim that the farmer has invested a lot more time and money in the purchase and restoration of each one of the tractors. Never considered them as an investment vehicle – luckily – but as be a hobby, a personal passion derived from his means of life.

david-brown-tractorNow has 79 years old, but his first tractor he bought it in such a bad state, that he had to restore it with his own hands. The own Rackham says that this experience kindled the flame of the restoration and collection of classic,, and during the last 25 years has been collecting machinery. Some specimens date back to the year 1916, and have survived two world wars and decades of neglect. Rackham does not throw in the towel, and says that with the money of the auction will start a new project. That is the spirit.

Paul Rackham will not recover the investment you have made in your collection, but never considered it an instrument of investment.

May buy a sport classic, or a plane, who knows. But it will keep you busy and awake, the best thing you can do for someone your age. Some of the specimens of his collection are truly unique. For example, a tractor Holt 75, commissioned by Great Britain to the U.S. with the goal of transporting artillery pieces to the battlefield. Came to Albión after the Armistice, that he was never used in combat. It is believed that it is the only one that currently exists, and could be sold by 250,000 pounds.

holt-75-tractorAnother exemplary highlight of the collection is a David Brown from the year 1941, a tractor in charge of moving bombers and fighter aircraft at military airports. It is completely restored and preserves the colors of the RAF. The older machine is a Saunderson Model G, purchased by Great Britain to the united states in 1916, with the objective of increasing the agricultural production required by the military effort. This copy could reach the 65,000 pounds at auction. Tractors most modern dating back to the 70s.

Source: The Telegraph