Sold! The Volkswagen Jetta from Fast & Furious already has an owner (and has paid for it more than you ever imagined)

some weeks Ago I we set out that these days was going to auctioned a car very special. A preparation very badass, too badass, but at the same time a vehicle very special. This Volkswagen Jetta white, with stickers, spoiler, aerodynamic package, extensions of low-and steps of wheel, it is the Volkswagen Jetta of Jessee, a minor character from Fast & Furious who lost his car in a race against the Honda S2000 of Johnny Tran, the bad guy of the film. And its price, as expected, has reached a figure much higher than what might be expected in a Jetta tuning. A value of 46.200 dollars, or, what is the same, 42.657€ at the current exchange rate.

The vehicle has been auctioned at the Scottsdale event in 2016. This is not a unique vehicle, both for the shooting of the film employed several doubles, like it happened with the Supra from Paul Walker. This unit, in particular, is the show car, used in some static scenes, or planes that were trying to focus their attention on details.

In its origins it was a simple Volkswagen Jetta A3 from the year 1995, which was modified for the purpose of the filming of “all gas”.

jetta-a-todo-gas-4In his preparation we find ourselves with a body kit Wings West, wheels Konig Tantrum 19″, vinyl, blue masks for the optical front, and so on. Mechanically it has an engine of 2.0 liters and 115 HP, and an automatic change of four relationships, but we do not know until where they have reached the rest of the mechanical modifications.

has Finally been auctioned by 46.200 $ . For us to get an idea of what it means to that figure, a Volkswagen Golf R, the MY 2016 costs in the united States 36.250 dollars.

Its price is high, that is true, but in any case not as high if we take into account the value of a vehicle that has made act of presence in one of the franchises most prolific of the film.

Source: Barret-Jackson
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