Solved the mystery: why is it lose trucks of oranges in a village of La Rioja?

The past month of November, a picture became viral, a truck had been stuck, and lost, in a forest track of Ezcaray, in La Rioja. It was a truck that was transporting oranges and tangerines from Murcia to Riga, Latvia. Its driver, a Ukrainian who got stuck with his truck in the forest track, had to spend the night in the cabin. The next day the Guardia Civil are going to find it hopeless, and would look for help to rescue the truck with the help of a tractor, as recounted in Weeks later, this same month, he was trapped again a truck, with a driver Russian from Valencia was headed to Irun with destination Sweden (Radioharo).

a Number of trucks have been caught in the last few weeks in a town of The Rioja. All of them followed a common pattern, that of moving citrus from the Spanish Levant to the north of Europe.

The culprit of this outrageous it seemed like the GPS navigator used for the carriers. But why I always ended up trying to cross streets, and pathways of forest Turza and Ezcaray? The danger to which they were subjected drivers is important, if we take into account that in these pathways forest there is very little room to maneuver, and that they had to perform maneuvers in curves of very short radius, and even travel hundreds of meters back. Some neighbors said that there were moments in which the truck was about to crash into a river, or the slopes of the mountain that cuts through this forest track.

Finally, it has been the mayor of Ezcaray (Reddit) that he has discovered the reason.

apparently all the drivers were following the coordinates of a petrol station, with which the carriers may have an agreement for their fill-ups. And those coordinates, on a route seemingly ill-planned, meant that the carriers had to go through the streets of Turza and circular a forest track, obviously impractical for a vehicle of high tonnage.

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