Some additional details about the Renault Sandero RS 2.0


Renault-Sandero-RS C on two world firsts, Renault achieved the aim of highlighting the Motor Show in Buenos Aires . One of these developments has been the unprecedented Sandero RS, a sporty variant developed by Renault Sport in France, with the collaboration and support of the South American engineers.

Although the first photos and official data met during the press conference held on Friday, we now have some more detailed information. The RS uses Sandero 2.0-liter 16-valve Duster, but recalibrated to deliver performance [1.99901 million] 150 horsepower when used with ethanol.

The engine is associated with six-speed manual transmission , which is also inherited from the Duster, a box of more short and precise routes , much higher than the five-speed using conventional Sandero.

4-wheel discs, improved chassis and ESP with RS Drive promise a good dynamic performance.

With the mechanical assembly Renault declares an acceleration 0-100 km / h in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of [1.99901 million] 202 km / h . But besides Renault Sport engineers placed a system of progressive electro hydraulic steering assistance EHPS with a specific calibration achieves more direct drive .

In addition there have been a number of [1.99901 million] structural adjustments and security to enhance the dynamic and able to better control the extra power. The clearance was reduced by 2.5 centimeters, suspensions adopted new [1.99901 million] stiffer springs new stabilizer bars and stiffer rear axle, plus a [1.99901 million] alloy wheels 17 inches with tires in action 205/45 R17 .

The brakes were also modified, as he now has [1.99901 million] discs on all four wheels , besides being recalibrated for better distribution of braking, durability and heat resistance. The brake system in the development of Renault Sport, with ventilated front discs and unpublished 280 mm brake discs 240 mm solid rear axle.

Another of its technical innovations is the stability control (ESP) with on / off function and called [1.99901 million] RS Drive , a system that allows you to select between three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Race , for different situations. It also has a dual chrome exhaust RS Sound Pipe .


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