Some facts you didn’t know about the SEAT Ibiza before the fifth generation

SEAT Ibiza generaciones

SEAT Ibiza is one of the utilities most popular and one of the most sold in our country. It is not surprising, since it has been 33 years in the market and there have been four generations of this model. Shortly will the fifth generation, which has already been seen rolling highly camouflaged. But before they get a renewal this summer, we wanted to to review a few facts about that you probably didn’t know about.

Ibiza is a best seller and this has been clear. To day of today takes sold more than 5.4 million units among the four generations, becoming the Spanish tourism best-selling. If all of them were to be put in a straight line would exceed the distance between Barcelona and New Zealand. Also worth noting is its international character, as 80% of its production in Martorell is exported to over 75 countries.

SEAT Ibiza generaciones

Its origin takes place in Barcelona, there have been designed, developed and produced all of the generations. The first was conducted by the very Giorgetto Giugiaro. For the engine and counted with the collaboration of Porsche and to the body intervened Karmann. And now up to 700 robots involved in its production, in the use of 3,000 pieces. Since 1984 have been used more than 70 million pounds of paint, that would serve to paint more than 1,000 times the Eiffel Tower.

it was Also the first model that joined women on the production line and are currently 21% of the workforce, one of the highest in the automobile industry. They also gain presence in the market, as 51% of buyers are women, surpassing the 42% in 2004. There are genes of competition in the SEAT Ibiza, as the sum of three consecutive world titles rally championship FIA in the category of F2 between the 96 and the 98. Even so, it has also been thought of in the efficiency and a Ibiza 1.4 TDI 90 CV current consumes less than half one first-generation (up to 3.6 l/100km compared to the 7.8 l/100km).

Source – SEAT

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