Some patents reveal the production version of the Jeep Yuntu Concept


Patent of the production version of the Jeep Yuntu.

The american brand has recently reported in Europe a few designs that by their appearance they have all the paints belong to the production version of the Jeep Yuntu Concept presented recently in the Lounge of the Shanghai 2017.

The Yuntu Concept that we saw in Shanghai was a prototype with touches of pretty futuristic and looks pretty posibilista in terms of its exterior, but that had a configuration of the rear doors opening inverted no B-pillar, a structure that we can hardly see in the market.

The sketches presented by Jeep at the european patent office shows us a SUV of great proportions that has the style of the Yuntu Concept, but that really it looks like an XL version of the current Jeep Compass.


To the naked eye looks like a Compass 7-seater.

Although obviously the model is recorded as a future production version, and differs greatly from Yuntu Concept, as has all the elements of an approved vehicle manufacturing in series, this does not mean that we can see in Europe, although it is precisely thanks to that record in the old continent what we’ve discovered.

The model shown in the images, although it may seem so, it is not a simple Compass XL 7-seater, but a model that would have a superior positioning of the current Cherokee, and almost touching the 4.8 meters long in the Grand Cherokee, so that would have a position a little strange in Europe. Your destination clear and logical is the chinese market, where it will be manufactured by the joint venture Guangzhou-Fiat, since they greatly appreciate these large SUV and three rows of seats.

The reason for registering it in Europe is very simple, avoid potential problems in the future with your design, or for possible introduction later. Currently the Grand Cherokee is a product that is facing the last stage of its commercial life cycle, so that his successor could well grow in size, leaving space for the model of the images. Although, for the moment, surely we only get to see in the chinese market.