Some teasers of the power that Volkswagen will unveil at the Paris Salon

Volkswagen prototipo eléctrico Salón de ParísVolkswagen has prepared ‘something big’ that will see the light shortly. Your new vehicle will be presented in the Paris and it will be something revolutionary. The German brand has even been compared to with the launch of the Beetle, it is already 70 years old. It will be a prototype electric which settle the bases for a production model that could arrive within a few years. Confirmed the commitment of Volkswagen for the electric mobility.

This vehicle will be compact size, and may be outside of dimensions similar to the Volkswagen Golf. Seeing the market of electrical current, we could compare it with a BMW i3. However, inside will be much larger and it is expected to achieve an occupancy similar to that of the Volkswagen Passat. Your design will be very futuristic and different to what we are accustomed to, asií we can see in the teasers that launches the brand.

Volkswagen prototipo eléctrico Salón de ParísWe find ourselves with a front similar to Golf but with a few headlamps are more advanced and the badge of Volkswagen illuminated. At the back stands by a door of small dimensions and in the color black, which integrates a system of rear headlights that seem to have OLED technology. All of this sitting on the new platform MEB, a new modular platform for electric derivative of the MQB used by the Volkswagen Golf, the Seat Leon or the Audi A3.

This prototype, as we already know, will be 100% electric although we still do not know the details of its mechanics. Thanks to an advanced package of batteries is expected to reach in autonomy to the Tesla. It is said that to be able to cover a distance of between 400 and 600 kilometers in cycle NEDC. The prototype of what we will fund this Paris Salon, while the production model could be ready for 2019-2020.

Volkswagen prototipo eléctrico Salón de ParísSource – Volkswagen