Someone bought a Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evoluzione Martini Racing and I never enjoyed

it Is clear that the one who acquired this Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evoluzione Martini did so with the objective that its value is apreciase. Although we understand the motives of its owner – the market for classic car lives in a bubble without any apparent order – we regret that we cannot share them. Have enclosed a beast created by and for the rally is one of the biggest sins you could commit any fan wise to the car. Yes, your owner will take good money in the auction. Why? Has only 49,9 km on the odometer.

Inegrale Evoluzione Martini Racing are possibly the Lancia Delta most desirable ever produced.

Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evoluzione Martini was created in the early 90s – particularly in the distant year of 1992 – with the goal of holding the fifth consecutive victory of Lancia in the World Championship of Constructors. Its main difference with respect to other Integrale of the time, it was on the outside, decorated with the colors of Martini. The sponsor gave the hand to Lancia in the world of rally for years and years. A strip of red and blue colors runs lengthwise to form the lateral line of the car.

lancia-delta-hf-evo-martini-6Only 400 units were built, and they are all numbered and documented. I doubt that there are units with less miles than this, that will be auctioned at the Race Retro International Historic Motorsport Show, 2016, in the Uk. With chassis number 124/400, his owner – the same one that purchased the car in 1992 with the object of investing in your appreciation – expected to get up to 150,000 euros for sale. The car went to auction last year, but not reached the reserve price which its owner had marked.

Under the hood of this Lancia Delta we find ourselves with a mythical 2.0 turbo, 16-valve, with the cam cover painted in red color. A black leg that developed 215 HP from before, well up and with a significant delay in the entry of the turbo. Yes, when I walked in, his kick off the hiccups. His power passed to the ground through all four wheels – with tires, OZ white, incidentally – and allowed for a 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.7 seconds. At the time, only the Ford Escort RS Cosworth made him something of shade.

lancia-delta-hf-evo-martini-4In its interior, we have bacquéts lined in Alcantara and instrumentation in a very old-school: full-and with the clocks framed in yellow. A fine sports steering wheel and a manual gearbox, we do not need more to have fun to your steering wheel. What a pity that its owner has been jailed for 24 years. Maybe your new owner will allow him to stretch a bit more the legs. At least, you can complete your shoot. And if you take him to walk a stretch of mythical rally, we will stay much more calm.

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