Something stinks in some workshops, eight defendants (and 80 investigated) particle filters for ring

In recent days there are many who cry to heaven by the fact that a brand, Volkswagen, may have rigged the approval of their vehicles to emit more pollutants than allowed by the regulations. But often it is the customer who decides modify your car to pollute more, using particulate filters and removal of reprogramming software. That has been one of the activities of the National Police in recent days that has accused the perpetrators of eight workshops for removing particulate filters for diesel customer .

Did you know that most revolutionize your diesel engine prevents malfunction?

Why a driver would take the decision to withdraw the particulate filter? This element is one of the reasons why we advised you not buy a diesel, especially for city. Particulate filters accumulate a whole lot of solid combustion residues that are responsible for much of the pollution in our cities. These particulate filters are to be regenerated, and if not properly complete the regeneration process (which requires raising the engine speed until the car reaches a certain temperature component) problems ensue (see when the diesel became more choice absurd?)

The city is one of the most demanding scenarios for particle filters , the amount of journeys made it shorter without making the engine work at a sufficient rate to contribute to removing by combustion particles.

filtro-particulas Customers of these workshops, which have been charged with a crime against the environment, would pay between 100 and 200 euros for the cancellation of their particle filters . A failure of this component is usually paid off with substantially higher bills.

So far, eight workshops have been charged, some in the Madrid region, but according to the National Police investigations are expected to be charged many workshop leaders across the country. Researchers have data from more than 80 workshops across Spain that could be devoted to the cancellation of particle filters.

Source: National Police
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Did you know that most revolutionize your diesel engine prevents malfunction?


Gallery : Did you know that most revolutionize your diesel engine prevents malfunction ?
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