Sono Motors presents the Zion, your electric car solar

automotive sector is taking his run-up to the electrification. Tesla Motors is the one who leads the singing voice in this issue, but the other brands are catching up very fast. However, among all the signatures consecrated women who are struggling to be the one that stands out the most in the field of electrification, there are brands that are struggling to contribute their grain of sand to this fight.

One of them is Sono Motors and its origin is european. This signature was founded on the 5 of September of the year 2016 and has its official headquarters in Munich, Germany. The goal of its creators is focused on innovation in urban mobility as they seek to offer a solution to the growing traffic of the major cities of the world. For this reason, Only Motors has recently presented the Sion, their first city car electric that is recharged with its solar panels.

The design that defines the Sion is easy to describe: smooth lines and simple that provide great livability to your cabin. The external measures of this small city of around four meters, the ideal size to function with swiftness through the congested streets of the big cities. In addition, as a differentiator, Zion has 330 solar cells spread over your body.

These are covered in polycarbonate to make them more resistant and durable to the wear and tear of the weather. With them will be able to feed your battery pack in addition to be able to do this through the power grid. The autonomy between refills that will have the Sono Sion is 250 kilometres and of these, 30 would come from the solar panels. The electric motor which transmits this energy to the wheels develops a power output of 80 kW or 107 hp so that you can tow up to 750 kilos.

At the domestic level and security Sono Sion will feature ABS and EBS, control traction (TCS) and stability (ESP) and multiple airbags. By now, the leaders of the firm have not confirmed more data, but the price of Sono Sion could be over 16 thousand euro without taking into account the battery. Will have to wait for the signature to confirm more data, such as official release date, countries of marketing or equipment that will take the series.

Source – Sono Motors

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