Soon will come the Ford Fiesta ST 5-door: Practicality and power in reduced format


The Ford Fiesta ST will arrive in Europe in format five-door

The blue oval prepares the launch delFord Fiesta STFord Fiesta ST five-door for the european market. The utility of high performance so good reviews it has received will soon be available with a couple of doors for a convenient access to the squares later. The small sporty Ford becomes in this way an ideal companion: practical for day-to-day and fast-paced when you want to emotions.

it Is expected that the expansion of the range Fiesta ST thanks to the new bodywork to increase the sales of the model significantly. This new version offers a satisfactory answer in those clients that demand the utility of high performance in its variant all-rounder. One way in which Ford makes the Fiesta ST to reach a larger number of customers, in fact, the blue oval believes that the new variant of five-door will be with the 25% of the sales ST. The next generation of the Fiesta ST will also be available on both bodies, as we saw in our spy photos.


Greater versatility for sport utility Ford

Its design does not change except for the addition of a couple of doors in the second half of your body. The rest you already know: bumpers and side skirts large rear spoiler, diffuser, body-color, wheels 17-inch and dual exit exhaust. As well as your car with sports seats Recaro series, wheel-specific and pedals and gear knob in aluminium finish.

What does change is its engine because it continues mounting the propellant gas 1.6-liter EcoBoost delivery 182 HP and 240 Nm of torque to the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. You receive a specific tuning of the chassis, suspension (-15 mm) and direction, in addition to a braking system more powerful -disks, 278 mm front, and 253 mm at the rear – and a differential-mail.


Its mechanics EcoBoost 182 HP not suffer modifications

Their performance also expect them to be exactly the same as in the current model of three doors. Has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6,9 seconds, and circular speeds of up to 220 km/h homologando an average consumption of just 5.9 liters to the 100 km If we want better performance we will also have available the Ford Fiesta ST200 -only version three doors – that with 200 HP reduced by two-tenths of the time on the timer (6.7 seconds) and raises the maximum speed to 230 km/h.

What will be the price of Ford Fiesta ST five-door?

as a general rule the Fiesta five-door costs about 550 € compared to the equivalent three-door body, as well as the Ford Fiesta ST three-door has a price in Spain of 17.725 € -with the maximum available promotions applied-, we estimate that the Fiesta ST five-door will have a cost of 18.275 €.