Soueast DX3, the second SUV of Pininfarina in greater detail

Soueast Motor has already completed its second SUV designed by Pininfarina. This is the SEM DX3, a model which will be located below the DX7 and that will initially only be offered in China.


Hace a few weeks we got to know and the first images of Soueast DX3 new crossover designed by Pininfarina for Soueast Motor and now we can know him in greater detail thanks to some new official photos that show him from all angles. this Is the second product of a SEM that carries the signature of the Italian designer, then the DX7.

This new collaboration between Pininfarina, is now owned by Mahindra and china SEM part of an agreement sealed in 2012, which includes other models are still unpublished. In terms of its exterior design, the SEM DX3 account with a few lines more simple than its older brother. However both models share some external features, like the outlines of the lateral and the design of the rear pillar that simulates a roof floating type.


the interior of The Soueast DX3 seems to have what is fair and necessary, with lines simple. Highlights the system of information and entertainment in the center console and vents that are reminiscent of the interiors of the Mercedes Class A.

The supply of engines, initial contemplate a gasoline engine 1.5-liter with 120 HP of power source Mitsubishi, which is combined with a five-speed manual transmission or automatic type CVT. Later will be added in addition to a turbo engine of 1.5 liters and 150 HP.

The DX3 it will be difficult to find a site within the chinese market of SUVs, from compact, one of the segments most chosen by the public of that country. However, the Souest DX7 has been able to meet the goal, as it has managed to surpass the 10,000 units sold and since the chinese firm is confident that the value-added that adds Italian design Pininfarina will be in the case of the DX3 also an important point to conquer the buyers.