Space and livability in the new Opel Meriva

The flirty Meriva is presented as a valid alternative to large vans. Your new doorway system mirrors and interior flexibility, thanks to new Flex Space, FlexFix FlexRail and easy to use systems, making it a very practical car designed for everyday use.


The new Meriva FlexSpace system allows you to configure the cockpit of different ways to achieve maximum versatility without removing any seats . The conveyor can easily adopt a configuration with five, four, three or two seats to accommodate passengers and cargo. With one hand, thanks to the simple diagonal movement of the rear seats, the FlexSpace now more versatile than ever.


Residents of the rear seats occupy slightly higher position that the front of better visibility. The two outer rear seats can be moved forward 140 mm, 50 mm back and slide 50 mm inwards to enjoy greater livability. It is also possible to completely tear the rear seat back in a smooth motion.

The hold Opel Meriva has a capacity of 400 liters when flounder seatbacks are upright, rising to 920 liters if you fold down backups. You Reaching 1,500 liters if we use the available space on the roof .

In Meriva used for the first time a new generation of front seats based on Insignia and the new Astra. The two seats can be moved 240 mm forward and backward, and the driver can also raise 65 mm. They are designed to fit the size of all customers car . The backs of the front seats can be equipped with optional folding tables for less traveling in the second row.


engineers from the German company has been used thoroughly to find places storage anywhere in the car. Pockets in glove, glove minidriver in door pockets fit water bottles 1.5 liters, optional sections under seats, clip to hold tickets ….

Another brilliant solution is that floor of the cargo can be raised to bumper height for easy downloading or putting objects on the floor. Side walls include several departments for valuables. The tray comes can be easily removed for storage behind the rear seats.

All these facilities have earned the new Opel Meriva be the first car for their perfect fit and ergonomics deserves approval by the Association German Medical AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken).

Novel FlexRail system located in the center console allows easily organized our objects . FlexRail benefits from the advanced position of the shifter and the use of an electric parking brake, which replaces the traditional handbrake on all versions.


This slides modular system formed by two longitudinal rails with an elegant brushed aluminum finish has grooves on the inside. The top track takes a slide / armrest module with rotating cap and large enough to CDs, while the bottom is a tray for small items and a cup holder.

Both units can easily slide by pressing a button. Under the rail there is a fixed tray with two cup holders and two holes that are large enough for a PDA besides jacks AUX, USB and 12V . Everything is at your fingertips. Between the rails have ambient light.

images and information from Opel

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