Spain already has its second supercharger, charge your Tesla in Tarragona!

They just opened the Supercharger second in Spain , after the opening of the first Hotel Ibis Girona, in Catalonia. The Supercharger are fast chargers installed by Tesla Motors, the only support recharge their electric vehicles time. These boots allow a full charge of the car in half an hour, allowing the additional driving about 400 km on a Tesla Model S P85D . The second clip is located in Tarragona, next to the A-7 and AP-7 .

The first Tesla Supercharger in Spain is located in the parking lot of Hotel Ibis Girona.

A logical location in exit number 12 T-11 motorway, just outside the capital Tarragona . Thanks to existing Supercharger in Girona, you can travel with Tesla throughout Catalonia and even reach the Levante part without express fully our autonomy. The supercharger is located next to the Hotel La Boella , and the restaurant of the same name, which has good reviews on Trip Advisor. And I am sure that this new Supercharger bring them more business in the near future.

tarragona-supercharger This second Supercharger not been announced with great fanfare, in fact, I’ve stumbled on rummaging through the official website of Tesla. But is now fully operational, and is the second fast charger a network that will soon spreading throughout our territory , and by the end of next year will allow any point of the peninsula is accessible to network of fast chargers Tesla. Say that Tesla is preparing the way well for the arrival of future Model 3.

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Tesla connects Spain with Europe! This is the first supercharger in Spain and is in Gerona

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