Spain Classic Raid: An adventure raid, regularity and classic without leaving Spain

If gasoline runs through your veins, I am convinced that once you’ve raised participate, somehow, in a race or an adventure on four wheels. Circuit racing, rallies or even rises and requires a budget that is generally beyond the reach of most. Hence tests regularly and Raids Adventure , many for the Maghreb, has become an inexpensive and fun solution to make us burn this bug. Now, is it necessary that we travel to Morocco to participate in a Raid Adventure with a classic car? no, it is not. This year will start the first edition of Spain Classic Raid , the only evidence in this format in Spain. And some are already doing accounts to try to participate.

Regularity Raid Adventure and have become an escape route for those who want to participate in competitions and drive adventures within reach of our ability and our economic possibilities as pilots.

What is Spain Classic Raid? This is a test of regularity that must elapse between Barcelona and Sevilla, by sections of land and in which they may participate classic vehicles, with more than 25 years for a mandatory course, fulfilling stockings and on paths and roads open to traffic speeds. Thanks to this combination of classic vehicle, regular format, and dirt tracks, is likely to be facing one of the most fun events of the year; without the organizational complexity, and cost, of a gravel rally; and with the advantage of being accessible to wide budgets, but also very tight.


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Notes the keys to Spain Classic Raid:

  • When is it held? From 17 to 24 October.
  • What is the way? Between Barcelona and Seville, passing through Madrid, there will be approximately 2,300 kilometers of off-road sections. Even, there will be access to a closed autocross track.
  • Which vehicles are supported? No requirements traction (serving front, rear and 4 × 4), the only requirement is that it has been manufactured 25 years (or more) ago, and count with the relevant permits to travel on public roads Spanish (including ITV ). The preparation of the car is free, provided it complies with the Highway Code. Although we recommend a minimum preparation covers items such as housing, tank cover, gravel tires (including M + S), roll cage, harness, etc.
  • How many can participate per team? Each team will consist of two participants, pilot and copilot, although these may exchange their positions during the race.
  • What will the housing and diet? According to the option chosen by the team, this will stay in hotels reserved by the organization. You can also stay in a mixed format of two nights of hotel accommodation and the remainder reserved by the equipment itself or camping in places that enable the organization in collaboration with the municipalities in the initial and final stages.
  • Should I participate in all the raid? Although for the adventure is complete it is advisable to start in Barcelona and get to Sevilla, it is possible to make medium raid, between Barcelona and Madrid, and between Madrid and Seville. Also you can participate in a single step.

Spain-Classic-044-1440px As I said earlier, the goal of Spain Classic Raid is to organize an open trial at all, who flees from elitism, but not be restricted to a low-cost format. So there are different options, accessible to all budgets, and requirements of the participants. These are the enrollment rates and the additional services Spain Classic Raid team

  • Option 1: € 950, includes two nights accommodation with dinner
  • .

  • Option 2: 1.450 €, with hotel accommodation and breakfast in all stages
  • .

  • Option 3: 1.950 €, dinners and nights of hotel superior at all stages
  • .

Middle Raid.

  • Option 1: € 550, includes an overnight stay with dinner
  • .

  • Option 2: € 850, room nights with breakfast at all stages
  • .

  • Option 3: 1.050 €, dinner and overnight hotel superior at all stages
  • .

single step.

  • € 160: a stage full raid
  • € 260: stages of Madrid and Sevilla

Spain-Classic-006-1440px Personally, I have a thorn stuck having tried to organize years participation in events like the Panda Raid, seems like a great opportunity, and in fact I’m already crunching numbers to see how I can I arrange to be in this test Spain inaugural Raid Classic. We talked about an interesting alternative , and many give you confidence, because held in Spain, to tests like Panda Raid, the Maroc Challenge Classics Rallye Atlas, or Santana Trophy. But mostly I think a good complement to these tests . By the dates on which it is celebrated, the Spain Classic Raid may be the perfect opportunity to get those classic garage, these Panda which were or will be in Morocco, to debut in the dramatic landscapes of Spain, including deserts as Monegros (Aragon), Tabernas (Almería) and the Castilian steppe.

Spain Classic Raid is working on an official website ( and a Facebook page where you will find more information and get in touch with the organizers.

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