Spain has already sold more than a million cars in the last twelve months

How are evolving the sales of passenger cars in Spain? Really, really well. With 80.055 enrollment, the last month closed as the best October since the year 2009, with a growth of 5.2% with regard to 2014. With the past month there are now 26 months of continued growth. Between January and October, the market has grown 20.5%, so that in the absence of two months, November and December, in 2015 have already been enrolled 863.973 units. The industry assumes that in 2015 will be enrolled over a million cars, the same that have already been enrolled in the last twelve months. A psychological barrier that, without a doubt, confirms the recovery of the sector.

The confidence of consumers and businesses is doing that auto sales continue to grow, steadily, over the last 26 months.

ANFAC mentions two specific factors, the of consumer confidence and business confidence, as the main culprits of that sales are going up at a good pace. The channel that more is growing this year is the business, growing 32.7%, and accumulates as 234.354 units. The individual also grows at a good pace, 18.3% up to October, with 465.250 units.

The channel rental, rent-a-car, grows by 11.9% with 164.369 units.


sales in Spain are dominated (more than half) for utility vehicles and compact segments B and C.

In terms of segments, the more they are growing, with difference, are the ones that involve off-road and todocaminos (grows 65.6% in small todocaminos and 74.4% of large todocaminos), vehicles very small and very urban (grows 40.9%) and sports (up 43.1 percent). Although, in any case, the segments that remain most relevant in our market (adding more than half of the total sales) are the suv B-segment compact in the segment C.

To finish, another more data. All the Autonomous Communities are growing this year by over 11%, the most, Aragon and Balearic islands, with an increase of 27.9% and 27.4% respectively.

Source: ANFAC
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