Spain in excess of one million cars sold in 2015


The automotive industry, the Spanish closed the year 2015, with good figures

The year 2015 has been very favorable to the automobile industry in Spain. The figures speak of the way out of the crisis but still has to continue increasing to reach the level that must show in a market like ours.

a few days Ago we were talking that this year we would surpass the 2.6 million vehicles produced in our country, today we proudly announce that in Spain have sold more than a million new cars.

1.034.232 cars to be more exact, were sold in our country during 2015. After six years of difficulties the market of the new vehicle reaches seven figures. Their increase has been for 20.9% with respect to the year 2014, so we recorded the greatest growth among the main european markets.


More than a million spaniards have premiered new car during the past year

Anfac declares that these news mean that the Spanish industry of the car is coming out of the crisis thanks to an economic climate more favourable compared to previous years, a drop in the unemployment rate, funding facilities, consumer confidence and the continuance of the Plan PIVE, currently in its eighth edition, and the constant effort of dealers and brands.

Are good news but there is still a long way to reach the level that corresponds to the local market. The average age of the fleet of vehicles remains to 11.6 years old, slightly above the previous year and the industry must continue fighting until you reach the 1.2 million passenger cars sold per year that corresponds to us in population and per capita income, according to the president of GANVAM, that represents to 4.600 dealers and 3,000 sales.

The Plan PIVE continues to be a key piece in this puzzle but the market should recover to such an extent that it can move by itself without the need of this aid to the purchase of a new vehicle. By the time the Plan PIVE 8 has an extension until July 31, with no expectations of creating a ninth edition.


luxury vehicles also have a good acceptance by the customers

All the channels have completed the year 2015 with a positive balance. particular grew during this year to 18.8%, assuming a total of 574.575 units, of which 17% is attributed directly to the Plan PIVE.

The companies bought 283.096 units which represents the largest increase of the channels with a of 30.9%, while the channel of rent-a-car represents a total of 176.561 units (+13,7%) thanks to the increased tourism in our country.