Spain Loves Tesla, what we can bring to Spain a Tesla factory?

Spain Loves TeslaTesla Motors you might be searching for a new location in europe to meet the huge demand that caused the Tesla Model 3. The electric most affordable of the brand exceeded all expectations and currently around half a million reserves. This has caused deliveries to be delayed and that the american manufacturer not to be rude with your current infrastructure. With a view to the opening of a new factory, whatit would be Spain the best site?

That same thought users from Forocoches, one of the internet communities that are most potent at the global level. From there began a movement in the network that captures all the eyes of this sector for days. Spain Loves Tesla is the name of this campaign, which aims to bring to our country the next Tesla factory. The location chosen would be Paternal (Valencia) and would certainly be a unique opportunity.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Spain Loves Tesla is doing a lot of noise in the network and getting more and more supports. Have page official web, some social networks that have managed to turn the movement in trending topic, and even a request exceeds the 10,000 signatures. In the center of the petition is a letter addressed to the very Elon Musk which sets out the reasons why the Father would be the best option for locating a new Tesla factory.

The idea is not far-fetched, taking into account that Spain is one of the major manufacturers at european level and that this movement had a predecessor dating back to the 70’s. 40 years ago they had us means that we have today, but the Spanish citizens they managed to Ford to bring its plant at Almussafes. How? Sending a container full of letters addressed directly to Henry Ford II.

Spain Loves TeslaThere are that recognize that Father also has the potential. It is just fifteen kilometers from the largest commercial port in the Mediterranean and with the construction of the Mediterranean Corridor Railway, Valencia will be connected with the rest of Europe by means of high-speed lines. It also has a – developed network of suppliers in the area and few human resources to the height thanks to the universities and technological institutes.

In the case that Tesla would bring his factory to his Father’s, it would have a capacity of annual production of 100,000 vehicles and you could create a 10,000 jobs direct and indirect. The movement in Spain Loves Tesla has begun with the right foot and having the host popular. Tesla and Elon Musk will have the last word, but it should be noted that the steering replied via Twitter saying that he “loves Spain”.

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