Spain moves on: the Volkswagen Group stops sales of cars affected by the fraud of the TDI

we are still waiting for more details about the fraud of TDI of Volkswagen, especially with regard to Europe. Yesterday and I talked about the concern that is awakening the brand is silent about the consequences of this fraud in Europe. So Germany has already Volkswagen pressed to find an immediate solution, and countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and Italy have stopped sales of engines affected until more news. A movement is now repeated in Spain, where the Volkswagen (Volkswagen, SEAT , Audi and Skoda) Group has decided to stop selling all TDI affected by the famous fraud “defeat device” .

Pending details, the Volkswagen Group have stopped selling those models equipped with engines TDI , and Euro V approval, affected by the fraud was uncovered in the United States.

The news published by El Mundo and Expansion ensures that the Volkswagen Group has chosen to anticipate any movement of the Ministry of Industry , which had already planned to stop the sale of vehicles awaiting repair and a new certification. The respective brands have urged Volkswagen dealers to halt sales until transcend details on illegal software that would be present in the switchboard of these engines.

As I have been discussing for days, affected engines would be based on the blocks TDI EA 189 -approved Euro V . Most modern engines that meet the Euro VI regulation, would not be affected. For now, Volkswagen has not given many details about the fraud allegedly committed in Europe, not even if it is exactly the same as the role in the US (remember that the approval procedures in Europe and the United States are different).

volkswagen-tdi-espana-01 This movement of the Volkswagen Group will mainly affect new bookings made from now . Expansion As published, the group’s brands continue to sell units of the stock of existing Euro V a stock that otherwise would not be very large vehicles.

Although this movement is undoubtedly a problem for Volkswagen, SEAT , Audi and Skoda, keep in mind that much of their range is now updated to the new Euro engines VI , especially the most popular models. So the effect of this temporary withdrawal of dealers engines affected by fraud should not be a huge headache, or for customers or to dealers.

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I’ma affected by the case of Volkswagen TDI, what should I do? ¿I can ask for compensation? Resolve your questions in 8 questions and answers


Gallery : I affected by the case of Volkswagen TDI, what should I do? ¿I can ask for compensation? Resolve your questions in 8 questions and answers
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view photos (5)


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