Spain slows down the pace of production in the month of October

SEAT fábrica Martorell

we have Already said on several occasions that Spain is one of the countries producers of most important cars in the world. Until the past month of October the production of cars in the Spanish factories had grown to 7 percent with nearly 2.5 million units (2.456.268). However in October, the numbers have not accompanied the production having fallen 0.5 percent over the same month of the previous year.

yet, Even with this fall, during October have been manufactured in Spain 235.546 vehicles new passenger cars and suvs. According to the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) this situation has been given by a slight slowing of demand in the european market. We must remember that more than 75 percent of our production is allocated to third countries and that 75 per cent almost 80 per cent is destined for the european common market.

Fábrica Renault-Nissan Palencia

ANFAC announced that this sudden drop in the demand and consequently in the production of cars in Spain determines the performances in terms of competitiveness that should continue into the future the brands that have factories in our country. The idea is to continue to propose lines of action and improvement for the competitiveness of our factories remains good and the firms continue betting on sending to the Spanish factories, more models.

In spite of this slight slowdown, the production of cars in Spain could end the year with a figure very close to the 2.800.000 units. If you finally produce this number of cars is more likely to reach three million units manufactured by our factories in the year 2017.

‘ll Have to see what type of measures to improve the competitiveness of our factories have the marks to know if there will be a push for a responsible management of human resources, or if thrown by the street of cutting expenses and manpower.

Source – the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC)