Spain: The DS 5 sum engine THP 210 HP

Arrives to the Spanish market a new mechanical version for the DS 5. This is the engine THP with 210 horsepower, which is only offered in conjunction with the Sport trim.

DS-5-2015Lto new range of the renewed DS5 has just released a new option in mechanical, that comes to be as an alternative to the version equipped of the model. This version top of range launches this week its marketing, equipped with the famous propeller THP, developed jointly by PSA and BMW.

This new variant of the hatchback of French origin, uses a motor THP 1.6-liter in the front, which in this auchan ditch with a performance of 210 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque achieved at just 1,750 rpm. The impeller is associated with a manual transmission with six gears and a system of starting and stopping the engine which allows you to achieve a fuel consumption of 6,2 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions that are situated in the 144 gr/km

The new DS 5 THP 210 S&S 6V Sport comes to complement to the versions equipped with engine THP 165 HP and the diesel versions of 120, 150 and 180 horsepower, plus a hybrid variant. The only finish available next to the versions equipped with the new powertrain THP 201 is the Sport. The recommended price in Spain is of 38.200 €, with a promotional offer currently in effect down to the 37,101 €.