Spain: The plan PIVE came to an end in a definitive way

The funds for the Incentive Program to the Efficient Vehicle (PIVE) have been exhausted and the plan is officially finalized. The plan allowed for the withdrawal from the market of 1.185.000 old vehicles.

Plan-PIVETras eight editions, plan PIVE comes to an end, and this time he does it in a definitive way. The Spanish government already had announced that this would be his last year and their term of expiration is fulfilled today.

Created in the year 2012, plan PIVE allowed more than a million spaniards have access to the purchase of a new car with discount, who in his best time he reached the 2,000 euros.

despite the fact that there were those who drove a new extension of the PIVE in order to achieve to preserve the levels of current retail, this finally did not happen, although a market that is undergoing the best moment of the last few years, it may not be necessary. The projected figures indicate that this year could surpass widely million units registered, after overcoming the fall deeper the last few years when in 2012 it barely sold over 700,000 vehicles.

After the end of government subsidies, the Spanish certainly will continue to acquire vehicles at a good pace, bearing in mind that the current offer is very competitive, with most brands offering discounts for launch and funding, which many times are pretty important.