Spain will exceed 2.6 million vehicles manufactured in 2.015


Spain will surpass the 2.6 million vehicles produced during the 2.015

Spanish industry of the car will close the year 2015, surpassing the figures of goal. During the period of January to November of this year, the Spanish factories have produced a total of 2.551.688 units, representing a increase of 13.5% compared with the same period of the year 2,014 companies, and puts us in a month of the end of the year a small step to achieve the goal of the 2.6 million units.

Spain will exceed its target to produce 2.6 million vehicles

During the past month of November were fabricated 256.709 vehicles, that is a 21.4% more, more than 12,000 vehicles per day. Offsetting the slight decline of the previous month. Part of these good figures have been achieved thanks to the good behavior of exports, especially to the rest of Europe and to asian countries. The Plan PIVE has also been of great help during the year as in the previous exercises.

83% of the vehicles produced in Spain destined for other countries. In figures translates to that of the units recorded in the period January-November, more than two million vehicles, in particular 2.120.634 units, went to the outside market.

But not only are we in for a treat with regard to overcoming the barrier of the 2.6 million vehicles produced, we are also very close to that to overcome the objectives in terms of the amount of engines and gearboxes produced: two million and one million respectively.

in the early 2.016 we will have accurate data of the exercise 2.015 to the full.