#SpainlovesTESLA Can Forocoches to get Tesla to open a factory in Spain?

I Am forocochero with account 2007. And since then I have attended all kinds of actions, anecdotes, and arguments, in one of the forums biggest in the world, that ironically gives rise to all sorts of topics, and sometimes he talks about cars. Tesla Motors is looking for site to build a factory, which would be responsible for the assembly of cars in Europe, and that is more necessary than ever in view of the success that is taking the Tesla Model 3. And between different proposals that have come from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, Spain is already presenting their nominations at the initiative of Father, after which also have followed your steps Sagunto and Requena. The Valencian Community wants to your factory Tesla, and Forocoches has not hesitated to go out in your help to promote it under a slogan as captivating as Spain Loves Tesla. what Will convince Elon Musk and his followers that Spain is a suitable place to raise their new factory?

Said that, with an account of 2007 in Forocoches, I have lived in actions of all kinds, like those epic trolleos to the Eurovision contest. The power of Forocoches is still surprising, and often subestimándose, as shown in cases as recent as the attempt to vote for a ship of the british Navy, received the name of Blas de Lezo.

Yesterday, saw as the hashtag #SpainlovesTESLA became trending topic on Twitter. And all the forum has come together to achieve this action, to attract the attention of Tesla Motors and encourage the brand name to settle in Spain, to reach the maximum impact.

tesla-motors-elon-musk-02-1440pxit Is logical to get a brand to set up its factory in Spain, it is necessary something more than media coverage, and good intentions. But what is certain is that Spain, and more concretely in the Valencian Community, is an excellent place for the opening of a factory, within the meaning of such important issues to a factory as the logistics, or the competitiveness of the sector.

Without going any further, Spain is the eighth largest producer of automobiles in the world, and the second largest in Europe. In volume of production only surpass Spain authentic powers of the automotive industry as China, the united States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India and Mexico.

To contribute to the dissemination of this action, have already opened a petition of signatures in Change.org (you can see it and sign it at this link), which is very close to reaching the goal of 15,000 signatures that had been proposed. There have also been twitteos concurrent, has opened a web ad-hoc (spainlovestesla.com) and has planned to send letters to our own Elon Musk, at his offices at the headquarters of Tesla Motors in Palo Alto.

@ClubTeslaES @TeslaMotors I love you too

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) may 12, 2016

we do Not know if the initiative will attract Tesla to Spain. What we do know is that the attention of Elon Musk already has attracted, judging by his tweets in the last few hours.