Spanish engineers from Nissan creates a Leaf with a battery of 48 kWh… in your free time!

In the Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) of Barcelona, the japanese manufacturer calibrates diesel engines for all the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and it carries out the development and manufacture of the full commercial vehicles. Also occur in facilities the Nissan Pulsar, the Nissan Navara or Nissan e-NV200. As it is a center of development fully integrated, have the ability to produce new vehicles, and some engineers have a great deal of autonomy, which allows them to develop side projects in your free time. In this case, a Nissan Leaf with a 48 kWh capacity in your battery.

The project has been carried out by several Spanish engineers of the NTCE of Barcelona, in his spare time.

One of the most interesting of the last few months has been the captained by Darío Fernández, senior engineer at NTCE of Barcelona. With the aim of participating in the ECO Series, which are carried out in our country, along with a team of engineers have produced a Nissan Leaf, whose autonomy in real conditions of circulation is up to a 75% upper to that of the Nissan Leaf series. And what have been achieved with a battery of 48 kWh maximum capacity. Remember that until now the maximum capacity of the Leaf is 30 kWh.

nissan-leaf-48-kwh-1The Nissan Leaf with a battery of 30 kWh – the model most able to sold today – it has an autonomy of theoretical of about 250 kilometers. With a battery whose capacity is 60% higher, the autonomy of the car could brush against the 400 kilometers. There are virtually No technical details about this project almost craft – using components and OEM parts, as well as what seem to be two batteries of 24 kWh in tandem – but his size and ability would have raised not a few problems of packaging engineers.

The efficient car has been a success in the Eco Series, rising with victory in his category.

The prototype has been baptized as “Cocoon”, in tribute to a movie hollywodiense of the 90’s. Cocoon meaning in English cocoon, the cocoon that way the larva before emerging as a butterfly a few days later. This “cocoon”, this “shell” would be the huge cover orange metal that covers the battery of the Nissan Leaf. This Nissan Leaf has become a two-seater, and I’m sure that your weight has increased, possibly to 100 or more kilograms. But it is an excellent advance of a second generation of the Leaf.

nissan-leaf-48-kwh-3it Is believed that the next Nissan Leaf could have a battery life of up to 60 kWh of capacity, with a autonomy of at least 500 km. The weapon of Nissan to fight against the Tesla Model 3, which does not make things easy.

Source: Nissan