Spare wheels an endangered species: why your next car dispense (probably) she


When I talked about five elements that your car disappear in five years, my partner Sergio referred to as spare wheels that element that will miss the moment to suffer a strong puncture or blowout. I do not remember when was the last time you found me a complete spare wheel on a car. I lie, I do remember him (see Ford EcoSport). Those times have given way to an era in which to lift the luggage compartment carpet and surprised us even if we find a temporary spare wheel. What happened? Why do we have renounced an element that had always been considered essential to the point of turning into a basic lesson his maneuver replacement?

Five elements disappear from your car in five years

Question of space . One motivation that has led manufacturers to give up the spare wheel of his car is definitely space. Even a temporary spare wheel, the famous narrower than the wheels we usually use “cookie” in a beautiful space where what is at issue is to offer a generously sized trunk. Typically today is that we find a false bottom in which there is space to accommodate the temporary spare wheel or in the absence of this, to organize or host bit load bulky objects, see a toolbox, a first aid kit A (very common especially in the premium) and missing more, the puncture repair kit in the absence of replacement wheel.

powerful sound equipment

In my view, unless this double bottom can be placed at different heights or removed easily, these spaces are generally not well used. With which we have to rethink if you really excuse the cargo space is sufficient to dispense with the spare wheel.


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Dispense spare tire saves space, weight and, why not say, costs for the manufacturer.

This is when we find other motivations, such as weight savings . A complete spare wheel can weigh around 20 kilograms a temporary spare wheel, cookie, something less. In any case, at a time when the industry has raised the banner of efficiency, every kilogram we save us is really valuable to optimize the efficiency of a car.

But we must not forget the cost reduction . As despicable as it may seem the cost of a complete wheel with steel rim and tire, it remains a not insignificant savings for the manufacturer. At the time of purchasing a car, and if a spare tire you think necessary, it is important that you consult your vehicle before booking. There are models in which there is the possibility to set up the car with or without spare wheel. In some cases that wheel does not entail an added cost, but not always.


Run Flat tires are a solution, more expensive, but effective, to prevent hands dirty if punctured and having to replace a wheel.

Another reason, why some manufacturers have given up their spare wheel, was the introduction of Run Flat tires type , able to run for a few kilometers and with some limitations ( especially speed), even after losing pressure by a puncture. These tires also have their drawbacks. Although tire manufacturers have greatly improved their product and car manufacturers have designed their cars to work better with this type of tires, to ensure that this keeps its shape even at low pressure, it is necessary to use more rigid housings and structures which often result in less comfortable tires, especially dealing with small uneven surface.

The great advantage of Run-Flat tire is precisely to avoid having to resort to the cat, and the replacement of a wheel, even if punctured. Although they not spared serious blowout or desllantados, on the other hand incidents are rare, but we must bear in mind if our car is an SUV and plan to do a demanding field use it. Because believe it or not, there are SUVs that can surprise off-road, but evidently never get rid of the danger of a strong or sharp stone on our way. Nor desllantados rid us, especially now that is very fashionable equip these SUV with huge alloy wheels, and very beautiful, but delicate out in difficult terrain.


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All manufacturers should offer the possibility to decide whether to equip or not a spare wheel.

On the other hand, and we find it surprising that, I would say that There are many drivers who have never replaced a wheel , and not even would know how to replace it. So the only solution they would find in a possible puncture would be to seek to colleague, who can fix the mess, or call the crane. In this case, it is understandable and even coherent, give up the spare wheel. Although our advice will be to find someone to teach us to replace a wheel, which is not that complicated.

The European roads are not what they were decades ago, and the tires have also improved their resistance, so that the puncture may no longer be as common, but still occur.

In short, these are all the reasons why you may not have your next car spare wheel, at least as standard. And our thinking about why it is important that we be informed at the dealership and value the option to include or not this replacement. In my view, all manufacturers should offer this option to their customers . But unfortunately this is a premise that is not always true.

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Five elements disappear from your car in five years

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