Spark unveils the prototype of the 'Season Five' of the Formula E

Spark Racing Technologies has published the first images
prototype that anticipates the next generation of cars of Formula E. The
company led by Frederic Vasseur, a former Director of Renault F1, is the
exclusive supplier of chassis of the category electrical up to date and will be
the manufacturer who design, build and supply the new car

of the category after winning the tender that the promoter of the championship and the
FIA began last summer. It is further understood that the FIA will have a
very active participation in the creation of this new Formula E could be
submitted before the end of the season 2016-17


One of the keys STR-05, a name which will receive the
car, developed by Spark and by Dallara, it is a design that shies away from
any other single-seater
that competes in today. Its futuristic image
this is an evolution in relation to the 42 cars that have formed the
the first generation of the Formula E, although a large part of their news van more
beyond their own image. The new chassis will feature solutions for aerodynamic
more efficient and will be more lightweight
, about 40 kilograms. This
difference in the scale will serve to compensate for the increased size of the batteries
who will supply McLaren Applied Techonologies to endure the entire race.