Speak with your car just like Michael Knight did with KITT

If you think any of the gadgets that we are most amazed in the legendary series of the knight rider, sure coincidirĂ¡s with me in that the intercom with which they spoke to Michael Knight and KITT was one of the best gadgets. So, today, Volvo offers us an idea identical to that system of communication between man and machine through a bracelet, a bracelet with which to speak directly to our car and it to perform functions such as activating the air conditioning, preparing our route back home or to inform us about the state of the vehicle.


To unlock your car or turn on the climate control you’ll just have to talk to your wrist

do you Remember that Microsoft and Volvo announced an agreement to share technologies? Since this announcement today is closely connected with that agreement. Through the use of the bracelet cuantificadora Microsoft Band 2, the user of a Volvo vehicle will be able to connect to your vehicle and to schedule commands to make this run remotely long as the vehicle and bracelet are connected to the internet. Through this internet link, our bracelet will act as the intercom so we can talk with our car. One step closer to those conversations between Michael and KITT.

The most immediate future we draw a prominence growing those known as wearables in our relationship with the car. Thanks to the internet and the connections NFC and Bluetooth, the car manufacturers are venturing increasingly into the world of consumer electronics to enhance their relationship with new technologies. If until not too long the only way to open a car was a key of brass, of the life we enjoy today of smart keys and wireless applications to remotely manage the vehicle, and these new bracelets that allow you to communicate with our car using voice commands.


Source: Volvo
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