Speaking of more models, Renault Sport, What Twingo or Capture?

Futuros modelos Renault SportThe range Renault Sport is already mature, a range that now has two suitors, the Clio RS and Mégane RS. Soon will come the new Mégane in its sports version, and in fact their arrival has sparked a few rumors. Everything points to Renault Sport is ready to launch more models with his seal, some models that do not even we do not know but that perfectly could be the Twingo or the Capture.

Tran a few more flips radicals such as the Mégane RS Trophy and Clio RS Trophy, it seems that the arm sports of Dieppe wishes to continue raising the family. And what is true is that it is a possibility that it takes time talking, although we do not know very well if it will pull up or down the range. There is only a probability very true, and extend down.

Futuros modelos Renault SportYes, I am referring to the possible Renault Twingo RS, a new generation of urban, we can almost give the green light to give life to an opponent who will have a cousin very close to, the Smart Forfour Brabus. We hope that the Twingo RS is confident in the same 0.9 TCe that are already available but with a power that could be about 130 horses. Of course there will be tweaking of the chassis and a bodywork sports that could look like the prototype Twin’Run.

Maybe another possible is the most spoken Renault Capture RS. It is a model with a lot of potential power based on the Clio. In fact the Capture is selling well and would be a great idea to enhance the range, especially when they have a Nissan Juke Nismo as a contender. Of getting it is very possible to do it with all that it offers the Clio RS.

has also spoken of the possibility of launching a Renault Kadjar RS, although it would be entering a niche market that is perhaps too narrow. On the possibility of seeing a Renault Talisman RS has not been spoken. But, in the same way, is very difficult to see how Renault are going to be facing this predicament in a segment that is not living its golden years.

Source – CarAdvice

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