Spectacular Porsche 934/5 Kremer Group 4 Martini to auction


Porsche 934/5 Group 4 1976.

The auction house Bonhams will have a lot of very special at your next event in Spa, a rare Porsche 934/5 Kremer Group 4, one of the versions of racing’s most eye-catching of the Porsche 911 and that helped to forge the sporting heritage of the brand.

The 934/5 was one of the variants of competition of the 911 Turbo original, Porsche 930 Turbo, the German brand was developed to compete in the WSCC (predecessor to the WEC) in the mid-seventies, the 934 for Group 4, and outrageously flashy 935 for Group 5. To be able to compete in the Group 5 it was necessary to homologate vehicles in other categories, hence the birth of both models were parallel, as it was strictly necessary to be able to clinch the championship in the top category.

The 934/5 was a later evolution of 934 of which Porsche originally only made ten copies, however, multiple copies of the 934, and even some 930, were transformed to the specifications 934/5, and in some cases with elements of the 935, as the front “flat nose” or “slant nose” that carry this copy, which belonged originally to coach Kremer.


The dramatic rear spoiler was inherited from the 935.

Kremer has a history huge with the models of the brand of Stuttgart, in fact, came to convert a 930 conventional in a new 934/5, although not about this issue. By what we can infer of its rack number, 930 6700478, the model that goes to auction Bonhams on the 21st of may corresponds with a unity born originally as a 934 or perhaps as 930, although the auction house did not mention in your description. At some point -probably Kremer – someone was commissioned to convert it to the new specifications, including the elements of the 935.

The spin original 935/4 was only 10 copies, with numbers of frame correlation between 930 770151 and 930 770160, while 934 were a higher production, 31 specimens in addition to a prototype, whose number does not coincide with the exemplary #6700478.

The saga 934 had a lot of success in competition, rather than the brutal 935, so it was normal to find several copies in any of the different championships taking place globally. Porsche also arrived to market in various packages to be able to transform a 930 to the specifications of the competition, already out of the 934 or 935, and therefore probably this model was not born with the settings that currently owns.


Spectacular with the livery Martini, reminds me of the 935 2.0 ‘Baby”.

The first owner of this copy was the computer Kremer, which competed with the in Germany, to later sell it to Edgar Dören, a famed private pilot, who also competed with the in 1977. He then spent a period of time large enough until a few years ago passed into the hands of Michael Rudnig, which prepared them for private events.

Currently, the model has all the necessary documentation to be able to participate in vintage events official and what is more important, with a flawless condition, so that it is ready to be used immediately.