Speedkore presents the Ford Mustang Boss 302 Ironman


Ford Mustang Boss 302 1970, Speedkore.

workshop Speedkore has a well-deserved reputation of making some of the parts custom more elaborate. Its hallmarks are the massive use of carbon, even where it is not seen, and a careful design that respects the most of the forms and proportions of the original.

This is one of his latest pieces and has been commissioned and developed in collaboration with the actor Robert Downey Jr., better known in recent times for giving life to the character Ironman at the cinema. This is your own Mustang Boss 302 1970, and although at first sight it appears to have its original settings, what is certain is that it has been extensively modified.

In the interior is where we will find more changes, as the cabin now features seating, dashboard and centre tunnel deeply modified, with elements and forms more current. But at the technical level is where we’re really going to find the real work of this workshop Wisconsin.


Aspect almost of series.

As is usual in works of this specialist, the vast majority of body panels are new. Many of them have the original forms, so that once painted you cannot appreciate the difference, but when we climb the model to a scale, yes that is what we noticed, because we all have been sculpted in carbon fiber.

rack-level, we found everything again, even a subframe of aluminum Detroit Speed, so that both the schema of suspension as the braking or the direction they are new to the full, offering a touch more of a modern vehicle. In the case of the engine we found a block Ford Performance V8 Aluminator 5.0-liter a kit with the Stage 2 compressor of Roush Performance. This is associated with a transmission Bowler T56 that has a new rear differential.

In the interior we also find carbon, but combined with a lot of skin and controls look more technological. The price is a mystery, but Robert Downey Jr. you must have paid a small fortune.

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