Spied the Mercedes E-Class 2016, almost without camouflage (video)

Mercedes Clase E 2016few days Ago we were able to see the forms of the body of the new Mercedes E-Class W213 thanks to some pictures of your chassis completely bare. Today we return to talk of the Mercedes E-Class 2016, but this time our protagonist is completely decked out with the one that apparently will be his final costume. A photographer spy has caught more than 100 units of the new vehicle are German, among them were some with little camouflage.

A video shows various details of the new Mercedes Class E. Some only carry cloaked pilots and the headlights, although it is very easy to guess your design. It is no surprise that follow the line of the Mercedes S-Class and C-Class, continuing with the strong brand image of Mercedes, which is doing all of their models fully recognizable as such at the cost of losing some personality in the designs.


the debut before The public of the new Mercedes E-Class will take place in the month of January, in the Detroit Auto show, although it is likely that the brand communicates the first information and photographs in advance. There is expected to know the W213, which will be slightly larger along with lighter than the model it will replace. There will also be a variant of battle extended for specific markets, such as China, and it is even rumored that it may be a variant of great luxury with the prestigious surname Maybach.

Source – walkoART

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