Spofec dares with the Rolls-Royce Dawn to create a model that is more exclusive

Rolls-Royce Dawn preparado por Spofec

Spofec has unveiled its new work on the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

is There a convertible that denotes more luxury and exclusivity of the Rolls-Royce Dawn? The truth is that speaking of Rolls-Royce is one of the signatures of british cars more refined, elegant and exclusive. In their range we can find a great selection of models from which we could define as “vehicles to be taken”. Despite this, there are those who want to drive these giants surrounded by luxury daily. And that is where I come into scene setters as Spofec.

The division of Novitec specializing in edit, and prepare models Rolls-Royce has given us to get to know your new program settings for the above-mentioned Rolls-Royce Dawn. A complete package of improvements designed with a single goal. Get a model even more refined to the pair that is sporty thanks to a significant increase of the benefits as well we’ll see throughout this article.

In the first place, and taking a look at the images that show us the outside of the Rolls-Royce Dawn modified by Spofec, we will realize that the sober convertible british now transmits new sensations. An image that as well we said previously, is more refined though seasoned with different details more typical of a vehicle of sporting character.

Rolls-Royce Dawn preparado por Spofec

it Is a complete package of mechanical upgrades and aesthetic for the luxury convertible.

The exterior is now equipped with a body kit fiber carbon composed by a few new bumpers, side skirts and a discreet spoiler rear lip. But, together with this, Spofec has footwear new alloy wheels of 22 inches (available in multiple colors) wrapped up by a few high-performance tires measuring 265/35 ZR22 and 295/30 ZR22 (front and rear axle).

it should Also be noted that he has been equipped with a new air suspension that reduces the height of the body with respect to the ground by up to 40 mm when we drive at speeds above 140 km/h. Below this figure, the suspension returns to its conventional height of the vehicle Rolls-Royce. Another feature that denotes high performance are the brakes carbon-ceramic ventilated discs sized 405 x 30 and 395 x 38 mm

Going to the (mechanic, find one of the main improvements that provides us Spofec. And that is for the V12 Twin-Turbo 6.6-liter has managed to extract a extra power of 115 HP and 160 Nm of maximum torque thanks to the installation of a module plug-and-play N-TRONIC while it has been mapped again the engine and it has optimized the injection system.

Rolls-Royce Dawn preparado por Spofec

Under its bonnet, the Rolls-Royce Dawn prepared by Spofec raises his power up to the 686 CV.

Thanks to these improvements, now the Rolls-Royce Dawn that we see
in these images features a total power of 686 HP and 980 Nm of maximum torque. A power with which to be able to be
catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed continues to
being located on the 250 km/h that is electronically limited. By
true, let us remember that this engine is associated with a gearbox
eight-speed automatic. We can optionally complete the changes
mechanical with the installation of an exhaust system of stainless steel.