Sponsorships unfortunate


Maria Sharapova poses with the Porsche 918 Hybrid in the party prior to Wimbledon in Porsche (June 2014)

tennis fans have received a bad news today. One of the figures of the sport, Maria Sharapova, has acknowledged that it was not an anti-doping control during the last Australian Open. Took using 10 years a substance, which this year happened to be prohibited, the Meldonium.

Prior to January 1, this would not have of course no problem, and is not a doping substance as such, he would take it for health reasons. We can analyze it as a simple oversight, but that has had consequences both sports, and also non-sporting. Porsche has done such as Nike and TAG Heuer, you have withdrawn your sponsorship.

Sharapova and Porsche were united from 2013

sponsors are becoming more reluctant to sponsored give them headaches. And just missing a month and a half for the castillian invader was defeated, the agreement that linked them to the player and the German mark, as was signed in April 2013 for a period of three years. what Has been excessive and the reaction of Porsche? Maybe.


Rafa Nadal has for many years been the image of Kia, an example of sponsorship positive

The last problem media that has had the brand-and is not trivial – it happened in the united States. The engines 3.0 V6 Clean Diesel Porsche Cayenne finished in the sack of the engines fraudulent misled the EPA, as a side-effect of using engine source Audi, and, therefore, of the Volkswagen Group.

a sponsorship is A double-edged sword. Let’s take a positive example, Rafa Nadal. The mallorcan tennis player is -today – an example of good sportsmanship, honest, relatively simple, that remains loyal to the same brand that has spent years believing in him, Kia. Surely other brands could pay more, but remained faithful to Kia, and is very respectable on your part.

In the opposite case, we have the sponsorship of Audi teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In recent years we have had several cases very talked-about, the last was James Rodriguez fled in his Audi R8 for a Opel Astra in disguise of the National Police, that she was surprised by circulating at speeds outside of the law. Poor boy, thought they were going to secuestrarle fake policemen.


For the Audi brand, sometimes the sponsored will pose a negative impact on image, but continue year after year

sponsorships are sure to have a number of legal conditions to which the mark in question do not catch your fingers if the sponsored will leave frog. But, why use characters in the media? We are talking about athletes, actors… wouldn’t it be better picture of Eduard Punset, Jordi Hurtado and Javier Marías?

Can be yes, in terms of values or seriousness, but commercially is not the same. Prefer faces that sell, especially when the product in question is associated with them. It is people that is surrounded by an aura of positive: he has money, success, fame, etc And even the most illiterate of the people have heard their names.

Surely, Maria Sharapova, James Rodriguez or Iker Casillas will continue coming to the end of the month without the sponsors they have. There are other athletes who do not enjoy such luck, and or supports someone or compete virtually at the expense of your pocket. No one said that life was fair.


Jude Law is the new image of Lexus

the reaction of Porsche has been exaggerated. Yes, Sharapova has used a doping substance, for a couple of months. The decade that leads to taking that medicine had not been a problem in the analysis, because it was an approved substance.

The sport of elite has the problem that there is a huge list of substances that can be used as an unfair advantage against their rivals, or that may have been taken accidentally or even nefarious purposes. Was the case of Alberto Contador, a cyclist who does not need many presentations, by eating a steak that came with “surprise” (clenbuterol). Well, this is your version.

If Sharapova is dopó, consciously, to go ahead of other players, it would be a behavior reprehensible. On this occasion, I think, honestly, that this is not the same thing, and that there is no crucificarla for it. But on the part of Porsche, we can even understand. As the central, Volkswagen, do not already have enough problems, as for that splashes this also.