Spring: 5 tips for driving with allergies

The spring is one of the times that most like since it means the arrival of the sun, and a greater number of hours of light after the winter, but also means the arrival of the allergies to everyone who suffer from: sneezing, runny nose, eye irritation, itching of throat,… These symptoms affect the daily life of more than nine million spaniards and can dificultarnos the everyday task of driving a vehicle.


The spring is not so welcome for all.

Practice these simple tricks to avoid risky situations behind the wheel to cause of the allergy,:

1. Visit to the doctor

Beware of self-medication, a lot of medicines to treat the symptoms of the allergy occur drowsiness and we know that the dream behind the wheel is very dangerous. Ask your doctor which medications you should take and how soon before you lay hand on the steering wheel to avoid situations of risk. It is also very advisable to have in mind the contra-indications outlined in the prospectus.

2. ¬°Windows up!

The pleasant breeze of spring is one of your greatest enemies, she brings a great amount of pollen and dust especially dry days with sun and little wind. You need to be safe from it going up above all the windows.

in Addition to the interior should be very clean, happens frequently-a vacuum cleaner for the entire interior, if it is with filter, best water. Focus on the carpets and the nooks and crannies of the seats that is where they accumulate more pollen and dust mites.

3. Take care of the Air Filter

The air filter is essential to take care of the the quality of the environment, more important is if you are an allergic person. Try to install one particular to filter out the pollen (HEPA) and make sure that it is clean enough as to not miss the annoying particles.

As we are going to drive with the windows down uploaded use the climate control in mode recirculation on the air already that we want to avoid in the extent possible that the pollen filter into the interior of the vehicle.


Try to avoid allergy symptoms while driving for safety in general.

4. Protect yourself the face

To try to alleviate the itching of the eyes and watering of this time it is advisable to use sunglasses. The sensitivity to light increases with these symptoms so that the use of them, we can relieve the eyes by getting us to drive more safely. If the sneezing is constant consider using a surgical mask that covers nose and mouth.

5. Choose the right time to lead

If you are allergic the worst time to drive is during the sunrise and the sunset, since that is when the greatest concentration of pollen is in the environment, though the working hours it is sometimes complicated to avoid them.

There’s an App (Alergo Alarm) developed with the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology warns that the levels of pollen daily of all the locations, check out to plan the time of day appropriate to use the vehicle.