Spy photos: Alpina B7 2016, new tests at the Nürburgring


We have new BMW 7 Series, and after he, too, will its corresponding Alpine. Does one of the best setters on base BMW, or a real manufacturer? The discussion is always there, but the bavarians incorporate a number of frame own and modify extensively the models based on aspects such as its aerodynamics, chassis, engine and interior.

These deep changes require a thorough development and testing on the asphalt, and indeed this is what you see in these spy photos from Nürburgring. The Alpina B7 2016 is already underway, and is expected for the first months of next year, with an official presentation that will take place in the Geneva 2016.


The new Alpina B7 will maintain all of the technology that presumes to own 7-Series, but going beyond in terms of luxury, exclusivity, customization, performance, and sportsmanship. As you can see, the changes in design are not too deep, and could almost pass for a 7-Series G11.

The areas dressed with camouflage in this unit evidence of the Alpina B7 are precisely the more different. In your front, the front bumper is a new bill, with inputs of air more spacious -occupying the whole width of the front – and a height closer to the ground, thanks to the spoiler lower.


The side skirts will give you another signature detail, next to a small spoiler on its tailgate, the rear bumper and a quad exhaust that will be present, without barely changes, in the final model.

The alloy wheels will also be own of Alpine, as well as a suspension that will seek to convey agility and dynamism to his driver, ignoring that we are faced with a real car of representation. And what about your engine? The current Alpina B7 features a block V8 with 547 BHP of power: it is not unreasonable to think of a figure close to 600 HP in this new generation…

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